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Professional exterior detail Portland, Or

Our goal at Portland Pro Detail and Ceramic Coatings is to make your vehicle look better than the day you drove it off the lot! More than just a hand wash, our details include a proper full decontamination and sealing of the paint for protection against the elements.

Each package’s pricing varies based on the size of the vehicle, condition, and desired results.

We welcome you to send a message or give us a call to discuss the best options for you and your vehicle’s needs.


Detail Packages


Professional Grade Ceramic Coating can be Applied at Additional Cost


Professional Grade Ceramic Coating can be Applied at Additional Cost

Gloss Enhancement

Professional Grade Ceramic Coating can be Applied at Additional Cost


Additional Services

Headlight restoration

Headlight oxidation/discoloration is not only unsightly, it poses a potential safety hazard by reducing the visible light that can be seen. Our multi step process helps your headlights perform at their maximum potential.

Plastic Trim restoration

We restore your faded black or gray trim to its original appearance by reconditioning the plastic from the inside out.

Water spot, tree sap, tar and paint stain removal

Water spots and stains can permanently damage your cars’ paint if they are not removed in a timely fashion.We use the proper chemical and tools to safely remove these problems.

Engine bay detail

Our engine bay detail is what we call a top view cosmetic detail.This type of detail will give a great appearance when the hood is opened. Once the engine is cleaned we apply a dressing to hoses and plastics to give a great looking engine compartment.

Decal/ badge/ adhesive removal

This is the process of removing items that have been stuck to your vehicle either by the manufacture or by someone after your purchase. Before we perform this service we will need to thoroughly inspect the condition of your vehicle, as paint damage could occur if not done properly or if your vehicles paint is not in good shape.

Wheels coatings

Ceramic coating your wheels helps prevent corrosion/brake dust and makes cleaning simple. We have several options of wheel coatings and prices will vary.

Glass coatings

Ceramic glass coatings can be applied to either the windshield or all exterior windows on the vehicle. Glass coating make the glass more durable and creates a hydrophobic layer of repellency. This helps keep your windshield cleaner for longer and helps increase visibility.

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