Portland Pro Detail and Ceramic Coatings

About Us

Who We Are

Portland Pro Detail was founded to help you, our client, by providing the best customer experience and end product in the business.

We take your car’s appearance seriously and provide top notch services and products that add lasting value to your vehicle.

Our technicians have been professionally trained and certified by the IDA (International Detailing Association). Through ongoing manufacturer training and industry seminars, we know the right detailing techniques and products to make your car look and feel new again. You can trust we know best way to care for your car

We know you have many options when it comes to protecting your investment and we appreciate you stopping by our website. If you’re looking for a detailing company that places quality, honesty and value first and foremost, Portland Pro Detail is the company you’ve been looking for.

Let us show you what a Professional detailing company is all about.

Our Mission Statement

At Portland Pro Detail we know that people want to drive a clean and protected car.

We believe every car deserves to be treated as if it’s our own, so we use only the best products and Spend the time needed to get the job done right.

That way your car looks great, is protected long term and maintains its’ value.

Core Values

We believe an educated consumer will find value in the quality services offer, therefore we take the time educated the customer on the options they have. One size does not fit all.  We believe in offering exceptional value to every customer no matter what type of car they drive. We promise to communicate with our customers, good or bad.

Our employees will be properly trained before they ever touch your car.